While I love to cook, I love to dine out, too. I'm constantly on the hunt for restaurants sourcing fresh, local, organic ingredients. It's not always easy to find conscious restaurants, but luckily, the metro-Boston area is home to some great eats for every kind of eater! On this page, I'll link to my restaurant review posts. When I travel, I always try to find the top-rated vegetarian restaurants, so there will be reviews outside of  Boston, too! After the link to each post, I'll include the link to my yelp review and to the restaurant itself. You can also find my restaurant posts by clicking on the "RESTAURANTS" link in the right sidebar under the header "FAVORITE POST CATEGORIES"


Dinner at Red Lentil (October 2011)

Rawbert's Organic Garden Cafe (April 2011)
Rawbert's Organic Garden Cafe Review on Yelp

A Month of Meals from the Atlantic to the Pacific: Part 2.3 – Farewell San Fran - Gather Restaurant Review (Jul 2010)