Between work, school, yoga, and cooking, there's not much time left over for reading for pleasure, but 90% of the books I do read for fun are about food or gardening. They keep healthful conscious eating top of mind for me. While most of the books I choose to read certainly reinforce good habits, they also inform me on important nutritional information that often counters 'pop-culture' nutrition myths. I'll post reviews of my favorite books whenever I can and will try to list links to the the posts on this page. You can also access my book reviews by clicking on "BOOKS" under my favorite blog categories in the top of the sidebar to the right. I've also added an Amazon store below for your convenience. It only displays some of my favorite titles below, so click here if you want to browse them all! If you're interested in the content of my blog, you'll probably love these books as much as I do. They're often the source of my inspiration for new recipes and usually the source of the nutritional advice and information I reference throughout my posts.


Baking Bread and Going Shopping (Aug 2011)